About Rebel Moon

Rebel Moon is a spiritual shop and lifestyle blog located in the Houston, TX area.  We offer handmade soap, intention candles, oils, tarot readings, as well as crystal jewelry, and other witchy supplies. All of the soaps are handmade and all of the items are infused with energy, and intention. In addition to the intentions added, most of our skin care products are also made with full moon and new moon water, and everything is charged with moon energy.

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About Kisha

While I am not brand new to this journey, after the loss of my daughter,  I lost my way. I am learning to navigate life in a new way, and open myself back up. I am an Empath, a Witch, and practice the art of divination through Tarot. I lean towards working on self-love, and healing. I am learning to listen to, and lean on my Spirit Guides for guidance throughout my journey. 


I am on a journey to heal my body, mind, and soul.  Not only do I want to record my journey for my own well being, I want to help anyone out there who might be lost and looking for a light. 

I  am always trying to learn.  I want us to change, grow, learn, and forge down this path together. I want to help guide those who need guidance, and help us all become better versions of ourselves.